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 Just got back from San Francisco, CA and it was awesome I loved seeing my family :) Now that I am back time to catch up on some fanfics and watch some dramas before school starts up again :P Oh well....At least last week was fun :D I just watched the new Hana Kimi (or at least the recent one) it could've done better. The person playing Sano (main from QED) doesn't quite match the whole "Sano" part..... Another drama i finished watching is Lie to Me and Stars Falling From the Sky (yes I'm a bit late). Lie to me was cute and entertaining I love how the drama started out. At first I thought I wouldn't like it so I didn't watch it but I was completely wrong. Stars Fall From the Sky was a great show it kept me interested the whole time especially because the kids are so sweet and the two main male character seemed like he had no idea how to deal with kids (hilarious) :) Just wanted to type on my livejournal since its been a while so yes I am quite RaNDoM!!!!



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